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“Our Community at Winchester: An Elm City Story” is now on display at the Council Teachers Building, after successful runs since 2013 at the Stetson Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library, the atrium at City Hall, the Wells Fargo Bank lobby, Higher One, Science Park and Gateway Community College. We’re seeking new venues to display it this fall. Let us know if you have suggestions.

We also want to thank David Cirella for his excellent digitization of the exhibit. You can now view it entirely on line at http://exhibits.winchesterworkers.gnhlha.org

We are currently seeking funds to produce a book based on the exhibit to give to libraries and print to on demand for those who would like to have a hard copy. If you can help, please let us know: joan@labor history.org.

“New Haven’s Garment Workers: An Elm City Story” completes three months on display at the American Labor Museum/ Botto House National Landmark in Haledon, New Jersey at the end of April. According to the museum’s Education Director, Evelyn M. Hershey, it has been well received by visitors there. We’d like to show it again in or about New Haven. If you have ideas for new venues and could help us secure them, contact joan@laborhistory.org.

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