History Among Us

An Oral History Project

History Among Us is a program honoring and sharing the significant work histories of real people in our community, sponsored by the Greater New Haven Labor History Association. 

How it works

GNHLHA reaches out to individuals and families with stories to tell about their own labor history in the Greater New Haven area.  GNHLHA then works with the family to arrange a series of oral history interviews and to identify photos and documents illustrating moments in the interviewee’s life.  This process can be an emotional one that is incredibly rewarding for all parties involved.

When applicable, GNHLHA may refer interested individuals to local authors or researchers for inclusion in their work, or identify material for potential use in future GNHLHA exhibits.  

GNHLHA then works with the family to produce and publish the account in the quarterly Labor History Newsletter, as well as in prominent position on the GNHLHA Home Page at www.laborhistory.org.

Take part in History Among Us

Contact Christine at christine@laborhistory.org for more information.

Meet Betty Scioscia (pictured above), an early grassroots labor activist from a family of six independent business-minded sisters in Bridgeport, CT who worked in the dress-making industry.  Betty will celebrate her 95th birthday this year.  Betty participated in the History Among Us program.  Click here for a full article detailing Betty’s experience.

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