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Back by popular demand, GNHLHA announces our 2nd Labor History Film Festival, coming Saturday October 16th to the New Haven Free Public Library on the Green.  The line-up features three films that examine the lives of real people struggling to make ends meet, including moving personal accounts of yesterday and today. 

With “Eyes on the Fries: Young Workers in the Service Economy,” we start with a look at the challenges faced by today’s youth.   Coming of age in today’s economy too often means jockeying for service positions.  Low wages, lack of health care, erratic schedules and work-school conflicts make it an uphill climb for even the most determined workers.

 Occupation: The 21-day sit-in at Harvard for a Living Wage” tells the story of the successful student occupation of the Harvard Administration Building in 2001, resulting in significant changes in wages for Harvard employees.  The film serves as a prelude to lively discussion about the history of New Haven’s largest employer: Yale.  Bring your memories and stories to share as we remember our own struggles and triumphs during our call for respect here in New Haven. 

We conclude with the award-winning 2006 documentary “Waging a Living.”  This thought-provoking documentary tracks the lives of four hard-working individuals from California and the Northeast over a three year span to see if they can pull themselves out of poverty.  Two-time Academy Award-nominated Director Roger Weisberg exposes the harsh realities faced by America’s “working poor,” inspiring both outrage and compassion.


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