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Moments.JPGMoments in New Haven Labor History, by Neil Hogan
Neil Hogan is a former columnist for the New Haven Register and is a member of the GNHLHA.  The paperback book describes some of the important milestones in the struggles and achievements of laboring men and women in our city and state.

AlmanacCover.jpgLabor Almanac: New Haven's Unions in the 1990's, Frank R. Annunziato, ed.
Published in 1995 by the GNHLHA collaboratively with the Greater New Haven Central Labor Council and the AFL-CIO

Augusta Lewis Troup: Worker, Activist, Advocate

Read it online!Augusta Lewis Troup Booklet Online!
Award-winning booklet produced by the GNHLHA and printed by the Print Shop at Wilbur L. Cross High School in New Haven.  Detailing the life and contibutions of August Lewis Troup, the Booklet comes highly praised by the CT League of History.

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Andrias, Kate., "Lessons of a Different Sort: The New Haven Teachers' Strike of 1975," unpublished student paper, April 1997.

Annunziato, Frank R., "'Elevating Us to that Standard of Honesty, Respect, and Sobriety that we Once Held..." The New Haven Strike Wave of 1886,'" unpublished paper, n.d.

Baris, Mackenzie, "The Cold War Comes to New Haven: A Case Study of the Raids Against United Electrical Workers Local v243, 1947-1995," Senior Essay in History, April 2001 (unpublished.)

Kathy Bridges, Lonnie Hailey, and Joelle Fishman, eds., "The UE Struggle for Workers' Rights at Circuitwise," 1991. This is a booklet which contains articles written by the editors and others for the PEOPLE'S DAILY WORLD covering the fourteen month strike and its aftermath.

Jack Gillette, "The World of the Carriage Workers: New Haven, 1886," unpublished student paper, May, 1981.

Carriages & Clocks, Corsets & Locks, The Rise and Fall of an Industrial City. Editors: Preston Maynard & Marjorie Noyes!

Mariko Lockheart and Diane Westerback, coordinators, "Walking the Line: Students and the Workers Struggle at Yale," 1978. This booklet was written by members and friends of the students and friends of the Student Strike Support Committee "to record our impressions of the 1977 strike at Yale and, at the same time, to add another chapter to the history of student activism at Yale."

Riccio, Anthony, "The Italian American Experience in New Haven" Images and Oral Histories, SUNY Press, July 2006.

Rondinone, Troy, “The Persistence of Republicanism: Class War Talk, American Style” with Graham Cassano, in Labor Studies Journal (May 2009)

Rondinone, Troy, “Guarding the Switch: Cultivating Nationalism During the Pullman Strike” in Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (Jan 2009)

Rondinone, Troy, “History Repeats Itself”: The Civil War and the Meaning of Labor Conflict in the Late 19th Century” in American Quarterly (June 2007)

Rondinone, Troy, The Great Industrial War: Framing Class Conflict in America, 1865-1950 (Rutgers University Press, 2010)

Rondinone, Troy, “The Invasion from Bentonville: Wal-Mart Comes to Connecticut” in Connecticut History (Fall 2006)

Rondinone, Troy, “Teaching Wal-Mart: Making Sense of a Global Corporation in a Small State” in Connecticut History (Fall 2006)

Strohl, Nicholas, "The Origins of Organized Progressive Teacher Power within the New Haven Federation of Teachers," unpublished student paper, April, 2004.

Wright, Joseph, "A Toolmaker's Memoir: My Experiences at Sargeant & Company, 1946-1952," unpublished paper, 1999.

GNHLHA Recommended Bibliography

Printed resources applicable to labor history

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State of Connecticut. Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Sometimes called the Connecticut Labor Bulletin--1908, 1909, 1911-and Connecticut Labor Report--1911-12, 1913-14, 1915-16.) Annual and biannual volumes, 1874 to 1930.

Wessel, Paul. "Jewish Immigrant Radicalism in Early 20th Century New Haven." A talk delivered to the New Haven Jewish Historical Society on December 1, 1988.

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