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Our Mission

  • To EDUCATE about the history, culture and traditions of working people and their unions
  • To CELEBRATE individuals and organizations that have improved the quality of life in our community
  • To ORGANIZE events to honor the struggles and victories of working people and their unions                                                                      

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Who We Are

    • Founded in 1988 as a non-profit (501-C3)
    • Formed by teachers, students and both active/retired trade unionists
    • The only labor history organization in CT.
    • A membership-based organization comprised of individuals and organizations committed to advancing the cause of Labor.
    • A forum for discussing the lessons of labor history and applying them to today's labor movement.
    • An educational resource and a historical archive center for records pertaining to our local labor history

    What We Do

    • Research and publicize the lessons of labor history for the benefit of unions and workers interested on organizing.
    • Join organizing and union workers on the picket lines.
    • Serve as a resource for past strike information.
    • Create traveling exhibits and install them in community venues.
    • Organize public events such as workshops, walking tours, book signings, film festivals, talks by labor leaders and historians, and the LHA annual meeting.
    • Conduct projects such as interviewing retired workers and researching Connecticut Labor History.
    • Present the August Lewis Troup Award annually to individuals for meritorious contributions to the labor movement.

    Past Projects

    Award winning Labor History Bus Tours

    • Published three books
    • Conducted 26 inventories of local union records
    • Held a labor history walking tour of River Street in New Haven (script available)
    • Researched, produced and curated two traveling exhibits on New Haven garment worker and the Winchester Repeating Arms Factory
    • Helped create and facilitate production of a labor history mural for the renovated Troup School lobby
    • Produced a newsletter mailed three times a year to dues paying members. Created and maintained our website, www.laborhistory.org
    • Held an annual conference and meeting with speakers, panels and presentation of the Augusta Lewis Troup Awards
    • Created a Family Work History Pilot Project in several New
      Haven Public Schools
    • Facilitated the induction of Augusta Lewis Troup into the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and held an assembly at Troup Middle School about her life and work
    • Wrote articles and spoke about the need for a labor history curriculum in Connecticut’s public schools
    • Initiated and helped organize members & community groups to support a Labor History bill(2010) in the CT state legislature
    • Helped organize a CT state department of education, social studies division, website on Teaching Labor History in the Connecticut public schools
    If you would like to help support programming at GNHLHA, please consider making a donation online.  

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